STAT:2020 (previously called 22s:39)
Probability and Statistics for the Engineering and Physical Sciences

Fall 2014

Instructor Rhonda DeCook
Department of Statistics, The University of Iowa
211 Schaeffer Hall
Time & Location Lecture Lecture AAA 8:30am - 9:20am MWF, LR2 Van Allen Hall
Lecture BBB 3:30pm - 4:20pm MWF, LR2 Van Allen Hall
Time & Location Discussion Varies by section

Required Text Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers (6th ed.).
By Douglas C. Montgomery and George C. Runger.

Instructor Office Hours Monday:   9:45-11:15am and 1:30-2:30pm
Tuesday:   11am - noon
Wednesday:   9:45-11:15am and 1-2pm

Teaching Assistant A13 & A14 Songtao Wan, 350 Schaeffer Hall
      Phone: 353-2297
      Office hours:   Monday 2-2:30pm
                                Wednesday 2-3pm
Teaching Assistant A15 & A16 Dirk Hugen, 223 Schaeffer Hall
      Phone: 353-2296
      Office hours:   Wednesday 4:30-6pm
Teaching Assistant BBB Bo Wang, 213 Schaeffer Hall
      Phone: 335-2191
      Office hours:   Tuesday 1-2pm & 3-3:30pm
                                Thursday 1-2pm & 3-3:30pm

Statistics Tutorial Lab Tutoring website   Lab schedule
University Library Commons, Room 1113 Red
Final exam Lecture AAA: Wednesday, Dec. 17, 8-10pm in LR1 VAN
Lecture BBB: Wednesday, Dec. 17, 8-10pm in LR1 VAN
Midterm exams Thursday, September 25, 6:30-8pm in W290 CB
Thursday, November 6, 6:30-8pm in W290 CB


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